The Storm Lands



The Storm Lands are appropriately named because of the violent and magnificent storms that it experiences throughout the year. Known for it’s powerful thunderstorms and torrential rains, as well as its breathtaking natural vistas, the Storm Lands can be both a beautiful and terrifying place.

The Storm Lands are also known for its industry. No other region has as many factories, workshops, and production mills as the Storm Lands. This region is also has more people living in or near cities, per capita, than any other region in Erden. There are more than two dozen full sized cities within the Storm Lands packed with an ever growing population of people.

The Storm Lands are comprised almost entirely of Humans, Dwarves, and Halflings. There are more than twice as many Humans in the Storm Lands than any other region in Erden. It is also home to the largest Halfling population among all the regions, and the second largest Dwarven population in all of Erden.

Places Of Interest

The City Of Bumbleshire was the first ever all Halfling city. It was built in response to the exterminating raids being systematically carried out on Halfling towns by the mercenary company Sons Of The Storm. The Sons would take over a village, then sell the land to a nearby Human city, thus being able to expand its borders and grow. The Human cities knew what was happening but cared little as growth for their own cities became pressing needs.


Eventually, under the future Lord of Bumbleshire Shaimus Wintersong, the Halflings of the area move together to build this city as protection against the Sons. They also raised a Halfling army which would eventually destroy the Sons of The Storm at the Siege of Bumbleshire.

Storm Haven is the largest and most populace city in the known world. Its population is over 90% human and many consider it the human capital of Erden. It is home to a Bardic college, two Arcane Universities, five libraries, a zoo, two arenas, three banks, the only known firearms factory in the world, and its very own public transportation system. It is believed that Storm Haven funded the Sons Of The Storm, as no other city benefited more from their land takeovers than Storm Haven.


The Storm Lands

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