The NorthLands



The NorthLands (also known as The North Lands or Northlands) comprise the NorthWestern most part of Erden.

Humans, referred to as Northmen from these lands, make up the largest percent of beings in the NorthLands. The rest of the NorthLands are a scattered mix of Frostalf (a form of Elf native to the the ice and cold), Halflings, and Half Giants.

The entire region is carved up by tribal lands and tribal alliances. The largest tribe, The Tribe of The Great Wolf, recently splintered into many pieces as a result of a civil war followed by a war of succession. Due to the power vacuum left behind with the fall of The Great Wolf tribe, the NorthLands is currently embroiled in a terrible war that all the races are part of.

The NorthLands is a cold, often dark, and violent place. Those who come from the NorthLands are hearty and often adventurous. Although many consider those who dwell in the NorthLands to be grim fellows, the truth is that folks of the NorthLands love to drink, laugh, and revel in good times.

Notable Places

Trovar is the largest city in the NorthLands, and home to the Great Wolf tribe. Located on the coast, it is the main hub of trade for the entire region. Although small by other city standards, Trovar is a sprawling metropolis in contrast to most other cities in The NorthLands.


Alfheim is the home to the oldest ruins and known structures in the NorthLand. It is the home of the Frostalf Council, but the city is open to all those who seek to visit the great ruins of the area. Alfheim is also known for the greatest drinking hall in all of Erden. Visiting the drinking hall alone is often a pilgrimage for most who grow up in the NorthLands. More treaties, alliances, trade agreements, and babies have been made here than in any other place in all the NorthLands.


The NorthLands

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