The Forgotten Lands



The Forgotten Lands are a cursed place; or so it is believed. Once home to an ancient and mighty empire known as Verdeum, it is now a wasteland of devastation.

None know the true history and demise of the Verdeum Empire, however, it is taught that at the height of their power the great Emperor Servaris demanded that the five Great Dragon Lords bow before him and swear fealty. When they refused, Servaris gathered his armies and killed one of the great Dragon Lords.

The remaining Dragon Lords, along with a brood of other dragons, descended upon the capital of Celesia and laid it to waste, killing Servaris and destroying his armies in minutes. The dragons then proceeded to destroy every inch of the empire, which was comprised entirely of the now known Forgotten lands.

The damage was so great that the land became uninhabitable for all but the Dragons themselves. The ash that filled the air was toxic, and waters boiled over with poisonous fire. It is said that the Great Dragon Lords made the Forgotten Lands their home. In time these Great Dragon Lords all died and their remains returned to the soil.


Nowadays it is believed that the Forgotten Lands are only inhabited by cultists who worship the dead Dragon Lords, and seek to awaken them from their death sleep.

However, archaeologists (grave robbers) who have ventured into the Forgotten Lands to sift through the rubble of a once great empire have written of towns and even a couple cities that exist within the Forgotten Lands. They claim that these places are not inhabited by cultists, but rather by descendants of the Verdeum Empire. They believe themselves to be cursed and unable to leave the land as their souls are bound to it for eternity.

The Forgotten Lands

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