The Burning Land



The Burning Land is a scorched land of dry and dusty rocks. Once a very fertile region of Erden with a bustling population, the eruption of Mount Karathis forever transformed the landscape of this region. Since its initial eruption, Mount Karathis continues to remain volatile with regular (but much smaller) eruptions.

The Great Eruption not only destroyed the land of the region, but it also attracted a number of dragons to its fiery chasms. These dragons now reside exclusively within the Burning Lands, and have grown in population over the centuries.

With the absence of most the “civilized” races, a great migration of Orcish and Hobgoblin tribes also moved into the area and developed settlements. Some of these settlements have grown into full size cities such as Durzum, which is the seat of the Orcish Confederacy.


In recent years, however, a large number of Gnomes have moved into the area and made a tentative peace with the other races of the Burning Lands. The Gnomes were initially drawn to the area to study Mount Karathis and the rocks of the region. It was the discovery of the Turge Gate, though, that caused the massive influx and migration of Gnomes into the region.

Places of Interest

The Turge Gate is an active portal that stretches to other gates in various planes. It is a two way gate, which means creatures from other planes have and do cross over from time to time. The Turge Gate was discovered by Gnomish archaeologists studying the remains of an ancient city. It took several years to figure out what the gate was and how it functioned, but once they grasped what they had found, it has become an obsession for the Gnomes to further unlock its capabilities. The Turge Gate is guarded by the Gnomes, and has strained the relationship with Orcs and Hobgoblins in the area as the Gnomes have refused to allow them access to the Gate. The Turge Gate is the only gate like this known in all of Erden.


The Proving Grounds is a large swathe of land controlled by the Orcs that they use as a field of initiation. All young Orcs are expected to become warriors and join the ranks of the Great Host. After these young Orcs have completed their initial training, they are all summoned to the Proving Grounds to test their skills in combat against one another. Many young Orcs die during these competitions, but those that survive the trials and battles are awarded a place in the Great Host and are honored among their peers.


The Burning Land

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