Wormwood City

Wormwood City


Wormwood City, usually referred to as just Wormwood, is the only city on the Wormwood Isles. It was built as a pirate haven where pirates could trade their illicit goods and find refuge from the law on the mainland.

Over the years the cities boundary has expanded considerably to accommodate the influx of people looking for a new life off the mainland continent. Due to the reconquest of the Isles by its indigenous people, The Painted Ones, the city has not been able to expand and has become very crowded.

The city has very few written rules or laws. Slavery and slave trading is illegal in the city. Leadership of the city is determined every two years by a Congress of Pirates. Each pirate captain gets one vote for each ship he or she owns. The Congress nominates five candidates and then holds a vote to select a winner. Luvella, who commands 8 ships in her fleet, has been elected leader of Wormwood for the last 12 consecutive years. Her reign has given her the name “The Pirate Queen.”

Current Crisis

Wormwood is currently in a state of revolt. A rival pirate of Luvellaa, known as Suma the Bleeder, has wrestled control of the city from her through a series of well orchestrated betrayals and sabotages.

Since taking over control of the city, Suma has hired the Mercenary Company known as the Red Hand to act as the city guard and enforce his word. He has turned a blind eye towards Slave Trading, and in the past few months many slaves have made their way to the shored of Wormwood Isles.

A resistance of citizens loyal to Luvella have started a guerrilla war campaign against Suma to try and dislodge his power. In response, Suma has grounded all ships and closed the harbor until the resistance is rooted out and destroyed.

This has cost the price of goods in the city to skyrocket as their is no resupply coming from ships. Business have closed shop, people have died of hunger, and many others have gone missing.

Wormwood City

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