Welcome to the Legacy of Heroes Campaign

This upcoming D&D 3.5 (Homebrew) campaign is a complete open world opportunity for the players. Although there is a guided opening, once the players work together through the first salvo, the world is indeed their oyster. Good or evil, adventurers or city builders – this campaign will adapt to the players decisions.

Because this is a living and breathing world, with NPCs making their own moves and following their own ambitions in parallel with the players, the actions and decisions of the players will have real consequences in the world.

For those of you following the game publicly, we will do our best to keep all information current as well as present the most recent adventure logs as soon as they can be made available. We encourage you to share your opinions, weigh in on the events, and even make recommendations to the players as they navigate the world.

For the players, please use the resources here to communicate, plan, and enlighten yourself on the adventure that lies ahead.

Most importantly, please see the first entries in the “adventure log” (tab link on the sidebar) for background information on the land of Erden, as well as “The Story So Far…”

You can also check out the Wiki for links to all kinds of information including homebrew rules.

The Legacy of Heroes