Wormwood Islands


Wormwood Islands are a chain of islands that act as pirate haven and black market for all sorts of illicit and illegal goods. Started by the famed pirate Lord White Rum, the islands were originally acted as a stronghold only for his fleet. In time, however, the Wormwood Islands became a neutral ground for all pirates and runaways, and a place to transfer or unload illegal goods.


Since many of the inhabitants of the island are former slaves, one of the few rules that exist on Wormwood is that no slaves are allowed in the city. However, because slave trading is a lucrative business, the selling and transfer of slaves is legal outside the city and off the coast.

The problem with this arrangement is that the pirates never cleared out all the islands of the native tribe that lived there. Over the years these natives have actually reclaimed most all the territory outside of Wormwood City and its harbor. So venturing anywhere outside the city can be quite dangerous.

Wormwood Islands

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