The Steaming South



The Steaming South has earned its name by the steaming hot and humid climate of the region. It is made up almost entirely of Elves and Gnomes, who both consider the region to be their native homeland on Erden. The two races have split the region in half, with the Elves taking the Southern forests and the Gnomes taking the Northern plains.

The Elves, both High and Woodland Elves alike found solace and peace within the undisturbed forests of the Steaming South. The Gnomes, on the other hand, have embraced the open sky of the North as the sun powers many of their automatons and machines. Today, many of those in Erden believe that Steaming South gets its name from all of the steam powered machines of the Gnomes.

There are very few large cities in this region, as both the Gnomes and Elves prefer to live in smaller communities.

Places Of Interest


The Port of Thornwillow is the largest city and largest port in the Steaming South. The Elves were reluctant to build such a place, but as the demand around Erden grew for the many exotic fruits, vegetables, and plants that grew within the forests of the Steaming South, the Elves believed it would be best to funnel the trade of these goods through point of entry.

As the demand for these goods continue to grow, so does Thornwillow itself. This has become a point of contention between the Elves, as some believe it is destroying not only the serenity of their lands, but the bounty of the land as well. Other Elves have embraced the lifestyle, and find it exciting to meet and exchange goods with other traders from around the world.


Gnomeland is something unthinkable and unimaginable in any other part of Erden. Gnomeland is Erdens first and only amusement park. Designed by the Gnomes to attract tourism and more importantly to show off their inventions, Gnomeland serves as a caricature of what life in a Gnomish town would be like.

Although not at all what it is like to live in a Gnomish town, Gnomeland plays off of stereotypes and myths about Gnomes to create this one of a kind place full of automaton rides, a roller coaster, world class food and drinks, a marketplace full of new and exciting gadgets, and of course a battlebots arena.

The Steaming South

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