The Savage Lands



The Savage Lands was given its name by its earliest settlers as a way to deter others from taking an interest in their new home. Admittedly, when the first Human and Woodland Elvish settlers arrived, the land was untamed and full of savage races. It took much blood and toil to drive out the endless Goblins, Orcs, Trolls, and dire beasts. And although these creature still exist within the Savage Lands, they have been pushed to the fringe and under-grown caverns where they are only a mere menace nowdays.

For the most part, the Savage Lands are rich in soil and bounty. In fact, some of the richest city-states can be found in the Savage Lands. Despite the name, many new settlers have come to the Savage Lands and new cities continue to be built. The biggest influx of new settlers into the Savage Lands has been a large contingent of dwarves who came to exploit the rich cache of precious stones and metals scattered throughout.

The climate of the Savage Lands is truly four seasons. The summers are hot, and the winters are very cold and icy.

Notable Places

The Ancient Arena at Karrum is the home to the largest and most prolific gladiatorial contests in all of Erden. The Ancient Arena was discovered by the earliest settlers of the region, and its builders are unknown. Some speculate of a race that lived thousands of years ago in the region, but most recent evidence suggests it was actually built by the Orcs that were driven out of the region. It was believed they used it for gladiatorial combat as well.


Due to the popularity of the Ancient Arena, more arenas have sprung up all over the Savage Lands and have made gladiatorial combat one of the most popular past times in the region. Warriors and gladiators come from all over Erden to fight and win glory in the arena’s, especially the Ancient Arena at Karrum.

StoneHill is a giant city built by the dwarves that sit atop three massive hills. The base of the city is constructed entirely out of stone, and is marvel of engineering. The city itself is home to the largest market for rare gems, fine jewelry, antiquities, and magical items in all of the region. It is a showcase for dwarven craftsmanship.


The Savage Lands

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