The Holy Lands



The Holy Lands have a rich history of religious inspiration and violent bloodshed. Undoubtedly there is some divine aspect of the Holy Lands, enough so that in ancient times followers erected shrines of their patron god in many places across the Holy Land. These shrines turned to towns, which in turn grew into cities devoted to the worship their god.

Inevitably, religious differences led to periods of war. These wars were frequent and bloody, driven by the most fanatical of each flock. Often times alliance were made and wars of religious conquest were called that embroiled the entire region; even for religions devoted to peace. It became the life work of many kings and great men from afar to help create a lasting peace throughout the Holy Lands; yet all failed in the face of fanaticism.


Then came the Elven Princess Shyonia. Her idea, which has since prevented further wars from breaking out, was to build something all could share in. She marched her own people into the Holy Lands and built the city of Godswall with her own money and resources. The city would be made to house the temples of every god, and create an Assembly of The Faithful to act as a diplomatic body to stem the tides of war and create dialogue.

Over time, Godswall has grown into the largest and most revered city in the Holy Lands.

On the Eastern edges of the Holy Land are the Deepstone Mountains. It is the largest mountain range in the world, and home to the largest population of Dwarves in any region of Erden. The Deepstone mountains are home to several different Dwarven kingdoms all nestled within or atop the mountainous range. Although these Dwarves do not see their kingdoms as part of the Holy Lands, the rest of Erden recognizes the Deepstone Mountains and their kingdoms as such.

Places of Interest


The City of Greyspine is the largest Dwarven City in the Erden. Named after its founder Lonaki Greyspine, its legendary forge has become somewhat of a pilgrimage for Dwarven smiths, who by right of passage forge their own personal weapons here. The city is open to most outsiders, and it even has a “foreign” district to accommodate other races.

The Shrine Of The Lost God is an ancient shrine found in the Holy Lands that no known religion claims as their own. The marks upon the shrine cannot be identified by any of the scholars or bards, and the design of the shrine matches no known faiths or gods. Out of respect, the shrine has been left alone, and is actually under the protection of the City of Godswall.


One of the more interesting aspects of this shrine is that each day at the exact same time, a bolt of light energy strikes down from the sky right into the center of the shrine. None can explain this phenomenon.

The Holy Lands

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