The Free Lands



The Free Lands are the crossroads of Erden. It is home to the only two Merchant-Republics in all of Erden. It also boasts settlements of nearly every race in Erden, including Orcish and Goblin settlements scattered across its plains, living neighborly with Gnomes, Elves, Dwarves, Humans, and others.

It was mutually established in some previous age that the Free Lands never be dominated by one people or kingdom. That it should serve as the home to all those who wish to seek prosperity by their own means. Because of this, the Free Lands offer a balance of peaceful cooperation along with quite a bit of lawlessness that exists outside the protection of towns and cities.

Despite the idea of a “Free Land,” in recent years the Trade Guild has assumed a majority of power in the Free Lands. They have taken advantage of the Free Lands importance to trade and travel, and set up their seat of power with help from the two Merchant-Republics of Dalton and Brivari.


However, under the power of the Trade Guild, The Free Lands have flourished and prospered. The lands have never been more safer, nor have the population and settlements grown so much.

Places Of Interest

The Great Trade Bazaar is a symbol of the wealth and power of the Trade Guild. Held once a year for six weeks, the Great Bazaar is the largest outdoor trade market in the world. It stretches for more than 12 miles in diameter. Several towns have been constructed to act as hosts towns and cater to the thousands that come each year to this massive Trade Fair. Almost anything that one desires can be found at the Great Bazaar. Security for the Bazaar is provided by the Trade Guild, and harsh punishments are given for anyone attempting theft or robbery.


The Felun Monastery is the oldest and most prestigious monastery in the Northern half of Erden. It was established by the legendary monk Felun Nine-Fist who traveled far from his home in the East to bring the tranquility and discipline of monastic life to the people of the Free Lands. The popularity of this lifestyle spawned hundreds of new monasteries across non-Eastern Erden. Many of which dwarf the Felun Monastery in size and scope. However, Felun remains the most prestigious of all Monasteries outside of the East, and only accepts the best students. It is famed for having created some of the most famous monks in in the modern age.


The Free Lands

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