The Dreaming East



The Dreaming East was given its name by those living outside of this region. The traditional name of the Dreaming East for those who live there is Kumagai. For centuries Kumagai secluded itself from the rest of the world, and made it known that outsiders were not welcomed.

Because the rest of the world was disconnected from Kumagai, many myths and stories arose about what life there was actually like. This was when the name “The Dreaming East” was created. It became a place of fantasy, myth, legends, and most of all mens wildest dreams.


When the Great Prince Hiroji opened the gates of Kumagai to the rest of the world, many of those myths were dispelled, but the name Dreaming East stuck and now even many of the natives here call it as such.

The Dreaming East is a very mystical place. It is home to the oldest and most powerful forms of sorcery. The region itself is divided among a number of clans, all of which have struggled against each other for centuries to gain ruling status. Currently, the Great Lotus Clan controls the Grand City and thus the power in the region. They dethroned the Tiger Claw – Scorpion Clan alliance that ruled the Dreaming East for nearly 200 years.

Places of Interest

The Imperial Castle sits atop Mount Satake which overlooks the Grand City. The castle houses the leader of the ruling clan and his closest family and allies. Its position upon Mount Satake gives it not only an incredible view of the Grand City and its surrounding vistas, but also an impregnable defensive position. The castle has never been taken by force in its history. However, today the castle is so revered as a cultural treasure that no clan would dare wage war upon it. It is expected that should the Grand City fall, the ruling clan surrender the The Imperial Castle.


Madame Sumida’s Hall of Seven Pleasures is the most famous and fantasized brothel in all of Erden. Brothels in the Dreaming East are generally more regal and decadent than their counterparts in the rest of Erden, but Madame Sumida’s Hall of Seven Pleasures is truly unlike anything else. Non discriminatory and open to all who can afford the fee, Sumida’s provides and indulgent provocative fantasy that all who experience will never forget. Sumida only staffs the most beautiful women, provides only the most exotic foods, and the highest quality in comforts.


The Dreaming East

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