The Blood Lands



The Blood Lands is given its name due to it being home to the oldest bloodlines and nobility in all of Erden. The Blood Lands is believe to be the home of the first civilized people in Erden; for both Elf and Man.

It is the home to the most powerful kingdoms and families in all of Erden. It is home to the High Elves, and the Elven Houses of Argalad, Elbeth, Beleg, Lendis, and Ernel. Most living high elves are decedents of one of these five houses and their people.

It is home to the human Kingdoms of Cambay and Vedas, and the royal dynasties of Dale, Edith, Claude, Bryir, and Krug.


Because the Blood Lands are home to so many powerful and wealthy families, its cities are very posh and full of splendor. Yet, among the human kingdoms the disparity between the wealthy families and the peasants is quite considerable. So for each elegant and grand city, there are twice as many squalor infested towns.

Many people flock to the Blood Lands in hope to find service among one of the Great Houses, yet most never find more than dirt floors and an early grave.

Notable Places

White Garden is the home of House Elbeth and the most ancient of Elvish lands. Its meticulously crafted gardens and waterfalls make it one of the most beautiful lands in all of Erden. The Great Library of White Garden contains the single largest collection of books anywhere in the world.


Dale Tower is the seat of House Dale, and sits prominently in the newly rebuilt city Daletown. Dale Tower is the oldest known human tower ever built. Although it has been repaired many times over the centuries, it has never fallen and remains a symbol for the greatness of the Dale bloodline.


The Blood Lands

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