The Legacy of Heroes

Part 2: The Story So Far

By this time you should have read the wiki entries for the different regions, and learned about the various places of interest in each region. Hopefully this will have given you some idea about where you want your character to be from.

The Story So Far

Your character was attending the annual Great Bazaar being held in the The Free Lands. You were fortunate enough to get a room at one of the inns in the town of Eastpoint, the harbor town built specifically for those shipping their wares in by boat. You had arrived a few days early before the Bazaar officially opened, yet being in Eastpoint you were able to get a first look at a lot of the trade goods as the traders and merchants moved through.


Why is your character at the Bazaar? Is he/she there to find a special item? Were you meeting someone there? Were you there to sell goods of your own? Were you traveling with others? Were you there just to trade for general supplies to bring home? Please consider why your character was there as this will be important to character background, as well as development later on.

On the eve of the opening of the Great Bazaar, the town of Eastpoint was the victim of a massive raid by the pirate known as Farold ‘The Dog’ Salvodor. You had heard the commotion outside, and as you leapt to your feet to see what was happening something strange overcame you. Your head was light and dizzy, your feet didn’t want to seem to work, and slowly your eyes began to close despite your struggle to keep them open. The last thing you remembered that night was your head hitting the ground and the sound of struggle off in the distance.


When you come to, you found yourself as cargo on one of Farold’s slave ships. Many of the people that you had seen in Eastpoint were also in the hold with you, all chained to massive beams. Many were beaten and bloodied. Some of the women had been raped and were lying naked and bruised. The smell of urine, feces, sweat, and vomit filled the hold. The odor was strong enough to make you pass out of consciousness several times.

You had only been on board for a day or two at most when the ship hit a bad storm that rocked the boat about violently. You could hear the panic in the crew above you as they tried their best to stay afloat. That is when you saw the flash of light followed by the loud CRACK. A bolt of lightning had hit the ship and split it right in half.

The ship was sinking, you and every other person on board struggled to free yourself and stay alive. In the commotion that ensued, you got a glimpse of land not far off to your West. You knew this was your only chance at survival, so amid the crashing waves, the strong winds, and the downpour of rain; you did your best to reach land.


You suddenly wake up upon the shore, coughing up water and feeling as though you had been baking in the sun for hours. The storm passed and you had made it to land at some point in the night. All around you were other bodies of those who washed up on shore long after they had drowned in the storm.

You spot a few other survivors who also look haggard and barely alive. Although your first instinct is to run and find some shelter and food, you know that if you are going to survive this and get to safety, you are going to need to band with the other survivors. Working together is now your only hope …..



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