The Legacy of Heroes

Part 1: Knowing The World You Live In (Map of Erden)

A short history and geography of Erden

The World of Erden

The map below you is the known world of Erden. It will be the primary world map used in the Legacy of Heroes campaign.

The world of Erden is most commonly known by its 11 regions that are spread across the continent. These regions have held these names for as long back as anyone can remember. Even the oldest maps of Erden still fragment the continent into these 11 established regions. The names for these regions are not random or traced back to some famous person or kingdom. These regions are aptly named to describe what one may find in each of these places should they venture there.

Although Erden is home to some minor kingdoms, there are no vast and powerful kingdoms or empires that rule great swaths of the world. Instead, Erden is made up mostly of various systems depending on the region. Erden is home to many clans, tribes, city-states, alliances, warlords, republics, and as mentioned – a few minor kingdoms.

Let’s take a look at the regions of Erden and learn more about each of them. For players, this should help you establish a good back story to where you came from.

The NorthLands

The Savage Lands

The Winterlands

The Forgotten Lands

The Blood Lands

The Free Lands

The Burning Lands

The Storm Lands

The Holy Lands

The Steaming South

The Dreaming East




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